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About Home

Welcome to Falcon Country

Atwater High School has a diverse student body with over 1,800 students. Our school offers students a vast range of academic pathways that lead to a rich high school experience. Many of our co-curricular activities, organizations, and clubs complement the classroom experience. There is a strong commitment to involve students in our school. Atwater High School’s motto is: “Academics and Athletics with Pride and Perfection.” Falcon Country is a great place to go to high school. The community of Atwater is very supportive of our school. Many adults in the community volunteer and support our school through a variety of programs and projects. The school staff continues to look for ways to make our school better. Please explore our website and stay connected to our school.

Our Mission

The mission of Atwater High School is to provide students with a diverse educational experience that develops academic, technical and social skill sets in preparation for college, careers and life.

Our Vision

"Every student will walk off the graduation stage with a diploma in one hand and CTE certification/proficiency in the other along with college credit on their transcript."

  • All students are Collaborative Workers and Community Participants who:

    • Demonstrate valuable skills and a good work ethic
    • Interact with peers and communicate information effectively in diverse society
    • Contribute to their community responsibly and ethically across networks
    • Practice good nutrition, personal fitness, and avoid high-risk behaviors
    • Make positive decisions
    • Practice digital citizenship
    • Ability to synthesize a multitude of information and apply constructively

    All students are Respectful Citizens and Effective Communicators who:

    • Respect individual and cultural differences
    • Demonstrate personal integrity and accountability
    • Communicate effectively and act with kindness
    • Apply problem-solving processes to real-life scenarios

    All students are Innovative and Critical Thinkers who:

    • Professionally read, write, speak, and listen reflectively and critically
    • Evaluate information to make connections between learning and real-world situations
    • Use technological resources to access and communicate information logically and effectively
    • Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of media formats

    All students are Imaginative and Self-Directed Learners who:

    • Create original works as a means of personal expression and pathway advancement
    • See their learning as a gateway to a career path
    • Possess effective work habits and self-management skills needed for academic, vocational, and life pursuits
    • Demonstrate personal responsibility and initiative toward continued learning by setting, achieving, and evaluating goals
    • Demonstrate technological skills to successfully engage in academic and career pursuits
    • Initiate problem solving
    • Have an entrepreneurial growth mindset