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Services Offered

Academic Guidance

  • Enroll students in the most appropriate classes available, based on placement data, teacher recommendations and student request
  • Help students and parents monitor grades and progress toward graduation requirements
  • Assist students and parents in planning an academic program designed to prepare students to meet their future goals
  • Promote classroom achievement by providing problem-solving, study and organizational strategies
  • Provide referrals to academic support classes, tutorial services, or other programs that support learning
  • Schedule and/or attend conferences, as needed, with the goal of resolving problems in school
  • Recommend credit recovery programs for those in need of remediation

College and Career Guidance

  • Work with the Career Technician and other designated staff members to lead students through a program of career exploration, using Naviance and other research tools
  • Help students select a course of study that supports their stated career goals
  • Help students monitor their progress toward the completion of "a-g" or other college admissions requirements
  • Support students in the completion of financial aid and/or college applications
  • Make referrals to the MUHSD College & Scholarship Counselor, as needed

Personal, Social and Emotional Guidance

  • Help students resolve conflicts with peers, staff or parents
  • Provide support and strategies for students struggling with the rigors of school and the stresses of adolescence or young-adulthood
  • Conduct risk-assessments and make referrals to outside service providers for students who need or desire more intensive or on-going personal counseling


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Career Technical Education AB 1330

CTE Model Curriculum Standards

AB1330 CTE Course Option for Graduation

The following CTE courses, as defined, as an alternative to the graduation requirement that a pupil complete a course in visual or performing arts or a foreign language.

The Board of Education approved to revise Board Policy 6146.1 – High School graduation requirements, pursuant to Ed Code 51225.3:

Commencing with the 2013-2014 school year, completion of a course in Career Technical Education, as defined, is an alternative to the graduation requirement that a pupil complete a course in visual or performing arts or a foreign language.

The intent is to allow more choices to successful completion of high school for students that are highly interested and engaged in their Career Technical Education class(s) and would prefer those classes to a fine arts class.

Definition of CTE

CTE courses that may be substituted for the existing one year-long course requirement in visual or performing arts or foreign language must meet the following definition:
“A course in career technical education” means a course in a district-operated career technical education program that is aligned to the career technical model curriculum standards and framework adopted by the state board, including course through a regional occupational center or program operated by a county superintended to schools or pursuant to a joint powers agreement.

MUHSD CTE Course List
Each school will provide parents with notification that their student is enrolled in a Career Technical Education (CTE) Course that will have the option to act as a graduation requirement in lieu of the Fine Art requirement gained through a Visual and Performing Arts course or a foreign Language. The notification will also include in detail the effects of choosing to take a CTE course in lieu of Visual and PerformingArts/Foreign Language. Students who choose this alternative path to graduation, will not meet the fine arts requirement for admission to the California State University and the University of California systems.

CTE Model Curriculum Standards 2.0

Graduation Requirements

English40 Credits
9th English I10
10th English II10
11th English III10
12th English IV10
Social Studies35 Credits
9th Geography5
10th World History10
11th U.S. History10
12th Economics5
12th U.S. Government5
Mathematics20 Credits
Must complete 20 units of mathematics during the 9th-12th grades and must complete a course (or courses) that cover the standards of Algebra 1 during the 7th-12 grades. The algebra portion of the requirement may be met either partially or fully by conclusion of the 8th grade. Any algebra course(s) taken during the 9th-12th grades may be included in the 20 units of mathematics required for graduation.
Health (9th State Requirements)5 Credits
Science30 Credits
Fine Arts/World Languages10 Credits
Physical Education (P.E.) 9th-12th20 Credits
9th PE I / Athletics I* / Band P.E.**
10th PE II / Athletics I* / Band P.E.**
* Athletics I may be repeated for credit.
** Band P.E. may be used for P.E. credit and may be repeated for credit.
Electives60 Credits
Some electives units may include mandatory courses assigned by the principal or designee to remediate students who have not yet passed the California High School Exit Examination or who are failing to make adequate progress in the academic program.
Total Credits Required for Graduation220 Credits

Parent Resource Nights

Atwater High School offers monthly meetings where parents may obtain information and resources from the school and community. Parents and students may view their grades on the computers. Counselors, community liaisons, school staff, and administrators attend each meeting.
Parent Resource Nights are held in the library every first Wednesday of the month from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
If you have any questions, please contact Maricela Perez at 209-325-1230 or

Program of Study

A Program of Study is a multi-year sequence of academic and technical courses that provides students with a structured progression of secondary and post-secondary instruction toward a specified career area. By incorporating academic and technical content into a logical sequence with clear connections and minimal repetition, Programs of Study set a clear path of career technical coursework from high school through college to a rewarding career.

  • CTE Program of study for Community College (Needs link to content)
  • CTE Program of Study for 4 year University (Needs link to content)
  • 15 Industry Standards and Pathways (Needs link to content)

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Pam Gleason

Pam Gleason

Scholarship Technician

BCHS: 209-325-1460

LHS: 209-398-3260

AHS: 209-325-1260

Max Hernandez

Max Hernandez

Career & Guidance Technician
Ron Hoffart

Ron Hoffart

School Psychologist
Gena Lanz

Gena Lanz

Scholarship Counselor

BCHS: 209-325-1460

LHS: 209-398-3260

AHS: 209-325-1260

Tami Menezes

Tami Menezes

Data Entry / Computer Operator
Stefanie Ochoa

Stefanie Ochoa

12th Grade Counselor
Maricela Perez

Maricela Perez

Community Liaison
Daniela Rodriguez Santoyo

Daniela Rodriguez Santoyo

11th Grade Counselor
Nancy Sanchez

Nancy Sanchez

Student Support Manager
Rita Schroeder

Rita Schroeder

Associate Principal - Guidance
Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Career & Guidance Technician
Manhsio Smith

Manhsio Smith

9th Grade Counselor
Leticia Valenzuela

Leticia Valenzuela

Phoua Yang

Phoua Yang

10th Grade Counselor