Talon Academy (ASSETs)

AHS After School program is free for all AHS students. Join us today, submit a program application!

Location: Talon Academy Office Room 403 1:30-6:30 PM

Our after school program, called Talon Academy offers students academic, physical fitness, and enrichment opportunities and programs. Because we believe that we all can learn, the staff employed at Talon Academy are committed to helping students.

Talon Academy works in close partnership with California Teaching Fellows Foundation. Members are trained instructors in K-12 after school programs, serving as mentors and role models for college success.


Come by to pick up an application or download the application. Please complete application using blue/black ink. Applications completed in pencil will not be accepted.


Veronica Maya



Ms. Mazone

Ms. Manzone


Ms. Munoz


Ms. Moreno


Mr. Xiong


Ms. Munoz


Mr. Green


Ms. Maya


Ms. Carlos



Homework help on:
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Or any other subject

Tutorial is an academic portion of the after school program. Here students can get individual help needed in academics. They can get help in their homework, quiz, exam, projects, or any additional help required for the coursework. They can also get information and help about college/universities, filing FAFSA, resume tailoring, college prep test i.e ACT/SAT, and much more.


The After-School program is driven by student interest and is available to all students. Talon Academy offers a variety of clubs to help accommodate all of our students. We welcome new ideas to help enhance our program.

Physical Activity

Talon Academy Weight Training Club, will teach students about the safety in the weight room, how to work together during workout routines, as well as how to build muscle. Students will have full access to the weight room during the duration of the program and will also have time to work with coaches and other staff while they are working out.

Our Mission

Talon Academy's vision is to provide a safe and empowering environment for students to set goals and to continue to achieve more outside of the regular school day.

Our Vision

Talon Academy's vision is to provide students an opportunity to better themselves through the acquisition of knowledge, confidence and relationships with new peers.

Program Goals

Talon Academy's program goals are to provide students an environment to interact with other students and staff and develop friendships that will empower them to set goals and achieve more. The program will also cater to students and provide individual support through clubs, tutoring and physical fitness components.

Staff Goal

Talon Academy's staff goal is to work together as a cohesive unit to better the experiences of all students that are interacted with.

Student Goals

Talon Academy's student goals are to open the eyes of every student so that they can see the opportunities, interests and friendships that they may not have otherwise noticed or expected.

Community Goals

Talon Academy's community goals are to increase the interaction between parents, students, teachers, and tutors. By providing an opportunity for information to be shared between these individuals we can expect the increased communication to better the environment and opportunities for students.