The ability to effectively find, access and use information to support academic research and information literacy is a key 21st century college and career readiness skill. The Atwater High School library is dedicated to providing students with resources and services that support the development of these skills.

Research Databases

The AHS library maintains a robust collection of electronic databases to support research across any subject matter. Access to electronic databases is limited to MUHSD students and staff. To view database passwords, make sure that you are logged in to your school Google account and click HERE.

GALE Databases

GALE offers a variety of database resources for all of your research needs. Use Student Resources in Context for general topics OR use the science, US history or world history databases for subject specific information. Opposing Viewpoints contains information about many of today's most controversial topics.

SIRS Databases

SIRS offers the following database options: Issues Researcher (leading issues and debate topics), Government Reporter (historic and government documents) and Renaissance (arts and humanities).

Link to SIRS database

CA State Library Databases

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CA State Library Databases

See resources that are available from the California State Library for all within the state.

Research Lessons and Resources

The 5-Step Research Process (a step-by-step guide for completing a research paper or task)

Research Source Sheets (use for organizing your sources)

CRAAP Test Website Evaluation Tool (used for know which websites are credible)